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Supporting Materials
For notation pursuant to Section 2.92.110 of the City Code, receipt of campaign contributions by City Representative Alexsandra Annello, District 2: $2,500 (In-Kind) from Carlos Corral; $1,000 from Frontera Vision PAC; $500 from Deborah Kastrin; $1,000 from The El Paso Association of Fire Fighters Local 51, INC. PAC; $15 from Marco Gomez; $25 from Shellie McMahon; $150 from Linnea Toney; $10 from Jose Avila; $25 from Ward Beers; $25 from Johnny Ruffier; $25 from Evan Carcerano; $250 from Gregory Schwab; $2,500 from Robert Halpern; $50 from Ben Bass; $25 from Janelle Carden; $300 from Richard Teschner.
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