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The linkage to the Strategic Plan is subsection 7.2 – Improve competitiveness through infrastructure improvements impacting the quality of life. The Project consists of the replacement of Alabama Street Bridge Drainage Ditch by Rosemont Canyon Rd. Project limits; on Alabama Street from 200 feet West of Bridge to 200 feet East of Bridge, replace existing structure. Award Summary: Discussion and action on the award of Solicitation No. 2020-038 Alabama Bridge Replacement to International Eagle Enterprises, Inc. for an estimated total award of $863,444.25. Department: Capital Improvement Award to: International Eagle Enterprises, Inc. El Paso, TX Items: All Term: 60 Standard Workweek Days Base Bid I: $797,564.25 Base Bid II: $ 65,880.00 Total Estimated Award: $863,444.25 Account No.: 190 – 4743 – 38290 – 580160 – PCP18TRAN06 190 – 4950 – 38170 – 580270 – PCP18TRAN06 Funding Source: 2018 Certificates of Obligation & Federal Highway Administration Districts: 2 This is a Low Bid, unit price contract. The Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing and Capital Improvement Departments recommend that the contract be awarded as indicated to International Eagle Enterprises, Inc. the lowest responsive responsible bidder. It is requested that the City Manager be authorized to establish the funding sources and make any necessary budget transfers and execute any and all documents necessary for execution of this award. Work under this unit price contract is only an estimated value and will be ordered, performed, invoiced, and paid by measured quantity. The actual cost of this contract may be higher or lower than the total estimated value and will be the sum total of unit prices at the end of the contract term. As a part of this award, upon the review of the City Attorney, the City Engineer may without further authorization from City Council approve contract changes which are necessary for proper execution of the work and carrying out the intent of the project, which are in accordance with applicable law, do not make changes to the prices and are within the appropriate budget.
PDF Document  The linkage to the Strategic Plan is subsection 7. - 11242014.2 SOLICITATION 2020-038 Alabama Bridge.pdf
PDF Document  The linkage to the Strategic Plan is subsection 7. - Item# 14.2 Alabama Bridge Const. Award Presentation.pdf