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The linkage to the Strategic Plan is subsection 6.2 - Implement employee benefits and services that promote financial security. This contract will allow the City of El Paso to obtain general benefit consulting advice. Request that the Director of Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing be authorized to issue a Purchase Order to HUB International Texas, Inc., referencing Contract 2012-031R Benefit Consulting Service. This will be a change order to increase the contract by $94,837.50 for a total amount not to exceed $474,187.50 for the initial term. The change order will cover expenses for benefit consulting services November 24, 2020 to April 9, 2021. Contract Variance: The cost for this change order is the same as in the original contract. There is no variance. Department: Human Resources Award to: HUB International Texas, Inc. El Paso, TX Total Estimated Amount: $94,837.50 Account No.: 209-3500-521160 Funding Source Self Insurance Fund Districts: All
PDF Document  The linkage to the Strategic Plan is subsection 6. - 11242009.1 - Purchasing HUB International.pdf