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Supporting Materials
An Ordinance changing the zoning of the property described as Lots 29, 30, 31, and 32, Block 94, East El Paso Addition, 3100 and 3106 Montana Avenue, City of El Paso, El Paso County, Texas from A-2 (Apartment) and A-O (Apartment/Office) to S-D (Special Development), Pursuant to Section 20.04.360, and approving a Detailed Site Development Plan pursuant to Section 20.04.150 and 20.10.360 of the El Paso City Code to allow for a professional office as permitted in the S-D (Special Development) zone district. The penalty is as provided for in Chapter 20.24 of the El Paso City Code. The proposed rezoning meets the intent of the Future Land Use designation for the property and is in accordance with Plan El Paso, the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Subject Property: 3100 and 3106 Montana Avenue. Applicant: Montana 3106, LLC. PZRZ20-00002
PDF Document  An Ordinance changing the zoning of the property d - 08042018.1 PZRZ20-00002.pdf