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The linkage to the Strategic Plan is subsection 2.1 - Maintain standing as one of the nation's top safest cities. This contract will allow the Police Department to purchase ammunition and munition used by cadets and police officers. Award Summary: Discussion and action on the award of Solicitation 2020-1029 Ammunition (Re-Bid) to GT Distributors, Inc., for an initial three (3) year estimated award of $1,800,000.00. The award is to include a two (2) year option to extend for an estimated amount of $1,200,000.00 for a total five (5) year estimated award of $3,000,000.00. This contract will provide ammunition and munition to the El Paso Police Department based on needs. Contract Variance: The difference in cost, based on the comparison from previous contract is as follows: an increase of $300,000.00 for the initial term, which represents a 20% increase, due to additional ammunition and munition under this contract. Department: Police Award to: GT Distributors, Inc. Austin, TX Items: All Initial Term: 3 years Option: 2 years Annual Estimated Award: $ 600,000.00 Initial Term Estimated Award: $1,800,000.00 (3 years) Option Total: $1,200,000.00 (2 years) Total Estimated Award: $3,000,000.00 (5 years) Account No.: 321-531090-1000-21020 Funding Source: General Funds Districts: All This is a low bid, unit price contract. The Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing and Police Departments recommend award as indicated to GT Distributors, Inc., the lowest, responsive and responsible bidder. In accordance with this award, the City Manager or designee is authorized to exercise future options if needed.
PDF Document  The linkage to the Strategic Plan is subsection 2. - 08042020.1 2020-1029 GT Distributors Ammunition.pdf