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The linkage to the Strategic Plan is subsection 5.2 – Leverage and expand the use of current and new technology to reduce inefficiencies and improve communications. This contract provides continuing maintenance and support for online submittals of license and permit applications, including payments for residents and businesses. Award Summary: Discussion and action on the request that the Director of Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department be authorized to issue purchase orders to Accela Inc., the creator and sole provider of the Accela Software System for licensing, for a three (3) year term in the estimated amount of $1,176,917.87 with the stipulation that the vendor provides an updated sole source letter and affidavit each year. This purchase supports Licensing, Permitting, Plan Review and Code Enforcement record management. The software solution also includes the Online Citizen Access Portal used by citizens and businesses for submittal of License and Permit applications, as well as online payment. Contract Variance: The difference in cost, based on the comparison to the previous contracts, is a 4% increase, for a total of $45,266.07 over the 3 years of the contract. Department: Department of Information Technology Services Award to: Accela, Inc. San Ramon, CA Total Estimated Award: $1,176,917.87 Account No.: 239-1000-15240-P1506-522020 Funding Source: General Fund District(s): All Reference No.: 2020-684 This is a Sole Source, requirements contract. Additionally, it is requested that the City Attorney's Office review and that the City Manager be authorized to execute any related contract documents and agreements necessary to effectuate this award.
PDF Document  The linkage to the Strategic Plan is subsection 5. - 05262017.1 2020-684 Accela Software.pdf