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Supporting Materials
The linkage to Strategic Plan is subsection 2.3 – Increase Public Safety Operational Efficiency, this contract is to support the Transport Medical Billing, Collections & ePCR Service. Award summary: That the City Manager be authorized to sign a Second Amendment of Contract 2016-385R Transport Medical Billing, Collections & ePCR Service by and between the CITY OF EL PASO and ADVANCED DATA PROCESSING, INC., a Delaware Corporation (“ADPI”), to delete from the scope of work the collection services related to ambulance billing for the 180 Days Past Due to 24 Months Past Due and Over 36 Months Past Due and the requirement for ADPI to engage a third party to provide collection services, in consideration of this Second Amendment, the City accepts the transfer of ownership of 106 FZ G1 Toughpads valued at $47,000.00; and That ADPI agrees to reimburse the City, via credit to the monthly Contract invoice, for the cost of the Verizon Priority First Service used by the devices in providing medical transport services, in the amount $37.99 per line not to exceed four thousand twenty seven dollars ($4,027.00) per month. This is a Request for Proposal, requirements contract.
PDF Document  The linkage to Strategic Plan is subsection 2.3 – - 05262004.1 2016-385R ADVANCED DATA PROCESSING INC.pdf