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Discussion and action that the Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing Director is authorized to notify MG Evergreen, LLC., Border TM Inc. dba Xceed Resources, and Abescape Landscaping, LLC. that the City is terminating Contract No. 2018-712 City Wide New Median Maintenance for convenience effective February 18, 2020, pursuant to the provisions and requirements of Section XIII, item A of the Contract Clauses. This action is part of operational adjustments the City was required to make in response to a decision by local TxDOT to cease maintenance of landscaped rights of way on State owned arterial streets within City limits. During the FY2020 Budget, operational resources were allocated to transition Citywide landscaped median maintenance from a third party contract to in-house forces. That change was necessary for the City to meet the new requirements for maintaining state owned medians and to minimize the impact of this additional expense on residents. Termination of this contract is part of the required process of assuming this work in-house in the Streets and Maintenance Department; the annual funding allocation for this contract, estimated at $1.1 million, has been reprogrammed towards work crews, materials, and equipment to perform median maintenance Citywide.
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