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That the City Manager be authorized to sign a Professional Service Agreement for Veterinary Reference Laboratory Services No. 2019-045R for the Zoo by and between the City of El Paso and Antech Diagnostics, Inc., for a term of thirty six (36) months from the effective date of the Agreement and one (1) two-year option to extend, which may be exercised by the City Manager administratively, to be compensated on a per examination basis, for an estimated contract amount of $120,000.00 for the initial term and an estimated $200,000.00 if the option to extend is exercised. Contract Variance: The difference in cost, based on the annual contract price comparison from previous contract amount of $27,260.31 and the annual price amount for this contract $40,000.00 is $12,739.69. The 47% increase is due to more animals being added to the zoo population. Additionally, it is requested that the City Attorney's Office review and that the City Manager be authorized to execute any related contract documents and agreements necessary to effectuate this award.
PDF Document  That the City Manager be authorized to sign a Prof - 04161906.2.pdf