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Discussion and action on the request that the Director of the Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing Department be authorized to issue purchase order(s) to Duncan Parking Technologies, Inc., the sole source provider and manufacturer for Contract 2019-794 Single Space Parking Meters for a three (3) year term with an annual amount of $206,000.00 for an estimated total award of $618,000.00 with the stipulation that the vendor provides an updated sole source letter and affidavit each year. This purchase will allow standardization of single space parking meter system. The vendor will provide the upkeep, maintenance for parts/mechanisms, repairs/replacements, service connectivity and a mobile app. CONTRACT VARIANCE: The difference in cost, based on the comparison to the previous contract, is as follows: A decrease of $489,550.00 over the three (3) year initial term, 44% decrease compared to previous contract due to decrease in unit prices. Department: International Bridges Award to: Duncan Parking Technologies, Inc. Milwaukee, WI Initial Term: 3 years Annual Estimated Amount: $206,000.00 Total Estimated Award: $618,000.00 (3 years) Account No.: 532290-564-3300-64850 Funding Source: Parking Meter Fund District(s): 1, 3 and 8 Sole Source No.: 2019-794 Additionally, it is requested that the City Attorney’s Office review and that the City Manager be authorized to execute any related contract documents and agreements necessary to effectuate this award.
PDF Document  Discussion and action on the request that the Dire - 03191916.1.pdf