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Supporting Materials
For notation pursuant to Section 2.92.110 of the City Code: receipt of campaign contributions by representative Peter Svarzbein in the amount of $200.00 from Edith Brannon; $1,000.00 from Scherr & Legate PLLC; $400.00 from Irving J. Brown; $100.00 from Claudia Ramirez; $250.00 from Rachel B. Harracksingh; $250.00 from HL Enloe; $500.00 from James Scherr; 100.18 from Michelle N. Cummings; $500.00 from Chris Cummings; $100.00 from Margaret Sallie Gilbert; $200.00 from Edith S. Brannon; $25.00 from Renee A. O'Donnell; $500.00 from Donald R. Margo; $1,000.00 from Sylvia Svarzbein; $100.00 from Noel Rosenbaum; $50.00 from John E. Moye; $500.00 from Isha Rogers; $200.00 from Debra Hester; $100.00 from Mike Batkin; $1,000.00 from J.W. Rogers; $1,000.00 from El Paso Assoc of Firefighters Local 51; $250.00 from Rogelio Lopez; $100.00 from Warach, Soto & Assoc; $100.00 from Sara Sakellakos; $100.00 from William Helm; $100.00 from Tiffany M.Somers; $100.00 from Leslie Beckoff; $25.00 Bear's Bilingual Mobile S.S.; $1,000.00 from Eileen Karlsruher; $100.00 from William Kell; $50.00 from Jan Engels; $36.00 from Frieda Schwartz; $100.00 from Charles Traub; $1,000.00 from Benjamin Arriola; $1,000.00 from Suzanne Dipp.
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