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Discussion and action to award Solicitation 2019-367 Security Guard Services - MCAD to Sun City Security Services, Inc., for an initial three (3) year term for an estimated award of $580,198.08. The award is to include a two (2) year option award of $386,798.72 for a five (5) year award of $966,996.80. The award of this contract will provide security services for the Museum of Cultural Affairs Department facilities. Contract Variance: The difference in cost, based on the comparison from previous contract, is as follows: Annual increase for the services under this contract increased by 2,104 estimated hours. The hourly bill rate increased an average of 9.51% for all services. The three (3) year estimated amount increased by $40,466.86. Department: Museum and Cultural Affairs Award to: Sun City Security Services, Inc. El Paso, TX Item(s): ALL Initial Term: 3 years Option to Extend: 2 years Annual Estimated Award: $193,399.36 Initial Term Estimated Award: $580,198.08 (3 years) Total Estimated Award: $966,996.80 (5 years) Account No.: 454-54000-1000-522120 454-54020-1000-522120 454-54030-1000-522120 454-54240-1000-522120 454-54260-1000-522120 Funding Source: Shipping, outside contracts District(s): All This is a Best Value, service contract. The Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department and Museums and Cultural Affairs Department recommend award as indicated to Sun City Security Services, Inc., the bidder offering the best value bid. In accordance with this award, the City Manager or designee is authorized to exercise future options if needed.
PDF Document  Discussion and action to award Solicitation 2019-3 - 02051917.1.pdf